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NOTE:  Dose Calc 2.5 is now released via the App Store.  It is now compatible with iOs 11.  See news for a bit more detail.

    PawDuction Software

Why are we here?

To design and code highly focused solutions based on requests to us for needed tools. 

DoseCalc, our first application, is an example of a solution in response to requests from a group of researchers and physicians working with radioisotopes.

We are now working on similar, focused solutions to requests from musicians, clothing designers, medical investigators, and information technology workers. (Yes, the principals of PawDuction software have backgrounds in all of those diverse fields.) 

And we are also developing some hardware/software combined products for iPhone and iPad.

If you have a need and do not see an application that addresses it, feel free to drop us a request to consider developing a solution.

We have been asked if we plan to develop applications for platforms other than iPhone or iPod. The answer is no - we are dedicated to the Apple platform and take full advantage of all of the unique features of the Apple operating systems and application support.

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