12 Jan 2018:

We have officially expanded our services beyond software app development to also provide printing services to our community (a spin off our internal hardware development for iOs devices).

1 November 2017:  The 2.5 version of  Dose Calc is not live on the App store and is compatible with iOs 11.   It currently only runs in portrait mode, but an upgrade to support landscape on supported iPhone and iPads is in the works and should go live in December.

31 October 2017:

We actually finally got ahead of our time line and submitted the revised DoseCalc app to the apple store today,.  It usually takes a couple of weeks to get through the Apple review process.   So, we hope to see the update available in mid November.

27 October 2017:

Our rewrite of DoseCalc for iOs 11 has taken far longer then we expected,  As we looked into the issues, we found that much of our old core data handling code was so far out of date that a complete rewrite was needed.   We elected to redo the app in Swift and in the midst of the rewrite upgraded to using Swift 4.  In the process we found that a major restructure of the code would make future updates much easier.   And, as sometime the case, we managed to introduce some nasty bugs.   Those are now resolved and we are in the midst of cleaning up the user interface for the different models of iPhones and iPads.  So our original 2 weeks has become more like 2 months, but we do expect to submit the app to the apple store no later than November 7. 

As for the mystery product, the project has undergone many changes and new prototypes are now tested.   However, we can not say more since the plan is to submit the product to the Apple for certification for use with iOs devices - yes, it is a hardware/software project.   But for now it must remain a mystery.

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