3D Printing Services

As a result of our iOs hardware development efforts, we have invested in 3D printing with a focus on affordable, flexible, and precise printing for our own prototypes.   But we also feel there is a need for low cost 3D printing options for individuals and organizations in our community.   Examples include supporting educational efforts such as robotics teams and fabrication of unique part;  designing and printing specialized parts for individual needs such as replacement pieces for hard to find parts for household and vehicle repairs.   

Some recent examples include:  dog door flap hinges for upgrading Hale door systems; external camera shields for side view cameras added to older RVs, interior latches for sliding doors in RV to secure them while the RV is in motion, accessories for channeling food from an automatic feeder in a salt ware acquarium , and a shelf that fits on a rolling back to secure a computer bag when traveling.  

The typical request is for a “one off” solution to a problem.

We can print directly from a design if supplied to us as an STL file.   But we also provide assistance in designing a solution to a problem or take over the complete design - whatever the customer needs.

Click on the links below to see more information on the  printer systems we use.


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